The Band

No More Cries are based in Quesnel, British Columbia. They play an energetic blend of blues/rock informed by the masters of the genre past and present.

Gary explains: No More Cries evolved in 2013 with myself on bass, Eric Johnson on guitar, with Wade Wurm as our drummer. I met Eric in his tattoo parlour and we connected like brothers instantly. I met Wade in 1988, while working at Toyota, but unfortunately he was unable to continue with us due to a much-deserved life experience opportunity. Richard Halliday, our current drummer, is a long-term friend since grade two. The connection of the three current members has gelled thanks to his help and experience. Our style is a combination of each other's tastes and influences.

Currently we are enjoying a brand new personal recording/jam space at my home with much current recording technology and vintage gear, and looking forward to recording more than 20 original songs written as a group. We're thankful for recently having the pleasure of meeting our extremely talented technical advisor and recording sound technician, also producer of his own music, Joshua Blanc. His quality mixing, visual expertise, and great personality are a valued asset to our group.

Gary Hartley (lead vocals, bass guitar).

Born July 15, 1967 in Quesnel BC, Gary William Kennedy Hartley. Grew up in the Bouchie/Milburn neighbourhood. Attended Bouchie Lake Elementary School, then later QSS and Correlieu Secondary School to 1985. Played minor football 1980-1989 including head coaching for 3 years. Spent most weekends camping and fishing with family all around Quesnel and Nazko-Chilcotin areas.

Learned to play guitar at the age of 6, grew up listening to country and western: Merle Haggard, Roger Miller, Buck Owens, Tom T Hall, Ian Tyson, Johnny Rodriguez and many more until 1975; every holiday I would listen to my dad and uncles playing live music in the house, then my uncle Dwain Hartley introduced me to rock and blues - showing me easy 3-5 bar blues chords. Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, BB King, Ten Years After, Deep Purple, Dr. Hook, Elvis Presley, Beatles, Kiss, and The Eagles are a few early influences. Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep, Steppenwolf, and a real strong influence is Rod Stewart. There are many more ...

The 1980s grabbed me with the harder rock based on blues licks and lyrics: Kiss, Black Sabbath, Scorpions, ACDC, Foreigner, Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon, Great White, Quiet Riot; all the long-hair hard rock bands of the late 70s and all through the 80s.

Musical family background: my father played rhythm guitar and sang vocals in a band called The Standells (1961-1965) who played every local dance hall and school dance in the Quesnel area. Uncle Gary Hartley Sr. played trumpet and sang vocals in the same band. The Standells practiced on Malcolm Street, West Quesnel, for a live party consisting of family and friends including Grandfather Bill Hartley Sr. who played electric steel slide guitar and sang when needed.

I started working on cars in 1984 and continued to an auto apprenticeship at the local Toyota dealer until 1992, and ran my own successful car audio detailing business through to 2015. Building custom cars, and music of every sort, has been in my life from an early age: playing/installing custom sound systems in cars and houses, collecting home hi-fi gear and guitars. I've also been racing local Karts for over 15 yrs.

Married my partner, the love of my life, Alana who is the backbone of our lives together forever, who has kept me a leader and confident in life for over 25 years. We share common interests and awesome family and many, many good friends.

Richard Halliday (drums, percussion, vocals).

Allegedly born on Earth. Waylaid at a young age from common sense by the lure of easy money and fast women, Richard then spent 30+ years in (near) fruitless pursuit of the perfect music note: travelling from B.C.'s interior to the eastern provinces, into the great unknown U.S. of Ay, and into the frozen deathlands of the Yukon, playing all manner of musicisness(?) until finally returning to his home hatchery of Quesnel, B.C. Now living out his teenage dreams as gong artiste with supergroup NO MORE CRIES!

The beginning......


Eric 'Sonny Boy' Johnson (guitar, vocals).

Eric Johnson is still stumbling around getting into trouble, saying things he shouldn't and generally running all that enters his world though a giant kaleidoscope grinder of no BS and pure human connection.... making handmade guitars and having heart to heart talks while tattooing is a pattern of enjoyment! But ideally his running away to the mountains one day is inevitable.......


Band portraits by Joshua Blanc